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Based on a concept from the book Nanomedicine by Robert A. Freitas Jr. who describes  a "programmable dermal display" in which a population of about 3 billion display pixel robots would be permanently implanted a fraction of a mm under the surface of the skin, covering a rectangle 6 cm x 5 cm on the back of the hand. Photons emitted by these pixel bots would produce an image on the surface of the skin. This pixelbot array could be programmed to form any of many thousands of displays. Each display would be capable of two functions: (1) presenting to the user data received from the large population of medical bots that roam the user's body; (2) conveying instructions from the user to that same large population of bots. The display could be activated or deactivated by finger tapping on the skin. This 3-minute animation illustrates the motions and live interaction of these display screens.

Media coverage

  • The History channel “The Works” television show
  • Aired on the Japanese television show Shinpodo
  • Featured in the The Immortality Institute Film Project
  • Featured in the documentary Immortality produced by Kaléo Films
  • Popular Science
  • PC Magazine 
  • Cryonics magazine
  • Fast Company magazine
  • Tecknikart magazine
  • Corriere del Ticino magazine
  • Signal magazine